A Positive Step

A Positive Step of Monroe County, Inc. (APSMC) has recently received funding from the Ounce of Prevention for our Fatherhood Program. This is a much needed program designed to address skill building for dads 18-30 years old living in the Florida Keys. APSMS is using the 12 session evidence based curriculum, 24/7 DADS in the community and Inside/Out Dads in the detention center. The  curriculum is developed for closed groups of 6-10 dads. We offer pre/post testing with a certificate on completion. The curriculum will address, but is not limited to: communications, anger, health, relationship with mom, relationship with kids, and substance use. APSMC will have guest speakers. We'll introduce these dads to the 12 step programs, if needed, GED referrals, OSHA training, construction job referrals, job coach, and case management. Not all these services are available to the dads in the detention center, however, dads can enter the Fatherhood Program in the community upon their release.
For more information contact Billy Davis directly at
(305) 304-1969.

Inside Out Dad

Inside Out Dad includes 12 core sessions along with 26 optional sessions tailored to fit the unique needs of fathers in or leaving correctional facilities. Re-entry into the outside world is a critical time for any inmate. It is a time of great stress that can involve both distress (i.e., “bad stress,” such as the fear of not finding a job) and eustress (i.e., “good stress” such as return to freedom). The primary challenges are employment, correctional supervision and reintegration into the family. Each of these challenges is critical and none of them stands alone. If a dad neglects one of these challenges for long enough, he will fail to re-enter society successfully. When a father is committed to increasing his involvement with his children and family despite the barriers of incarceration his behavior patterns improve and chances of recidivism are reduced.

24/7 Dad Responsible
Fatherhood Training

The 24/7 Dad program focuses on characteristics that every father needs and covers the universal aspects of fatherhood so men of all cultures, race, religions and backgrounds can benefit from the program. Men will hone their fathering skills as they learn about the important roles that they have with their children and in their family.

Male Responsibility Training

This training targets teens, young adults and men from different walks of life; connecting, equipping and empowering them through group activities, presentations and educational materials. It teaches the essential character traits like: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and honesty to draw out their true masculinity, improve self-worth and decrease destructive habits and behaviors.


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